Cakes, Coffee, Cups, Sightseeing And A Little Bit Of History

Hello on a gray Monday. We thought we should share some tasty recipes, news and coffee brewing tips with you to get this week off to the best possible start.

  • First the tasty part: as we roast coffee we always like sharing coffee-containing cake and biscuit recipes. We found a new one for a coffee-flavoured cake via DesignSponge – easy to make, can be kept simple or jazzed up with some icing or filling, so give it a go. And since there are still many pumpkins around, we include another pumpkin cake recipe, this time from River Cottage.
  • Telegraph and others report that espresso cups started outselling the traditional mugs for the first time – surely a sign that Britain is fast becoming a nation of coffee drinkers.
  • Following from this, we would of course encourage everyone to try making coffee at home. Fear not, you do not need expensive machines to start – a humble cafetiere or a filter holder will do just fine. Use some freshly roasted beans, and magic in a cup awaits. It is really easy to make great coffee at work, too. Not sure how or where to start? Stop by our shop for advice, brewing equipment and coffee.
  • For a bit of coffee history, read this article about Melitta Bentz, a German housewife who invented paper coffee filters.
  • And finally, have a look at these roadside coffee pot attractions in the US.

Have a good week!

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